About us

Mad Bear is the creation of two mates with one dream, to create an energy drink for India. Working long hours in their startups, they would often look to get something to give them an energy boost. Not massive fans of Americanos, they would often turn to energy drinks.

They observed something shocking. India is a heavily ignored market. 🚫

The energy drink companies are selling drinks that are either dumped with sugar or have terrible taste.Thus began their mission. The mission to create a zero-sugar energy drink for India in delicious flavours. The hustle started in early 2019.

Fast forward 18 months, Mad Bear was born - made in India, made for India. 🇮🇳

Mad Bear Energy Drink 💥

The go-to power drink for hustlers, dreamers doers and anyone in between.

Mad Bear will fuel all your energy demands and help you power through with enhanced focus you'll have what it takes to own the day.

Drink Mad. Be Rad. 🤙